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A Solo Art Expo by Delphine

Artist’s Statement:

I have always wondered if it is possible for a human being to love oneself

when one has not been loved as a child.

People who have missed out on love at an early age, in my observation,

tend to create obsessional behaviour to escape reality.

One of my favorite quotes is “To love oneself is the beginning of a life-
long romance” by Oscar Wilde.

It amazes me how people who have received genuine love as a child

often achieve greater happiness and are more successful as adults in

their own love life.

Love is the answer for the well-being of all of us.


LMLMN_GOLDEN CHOICE©2015 Delphine Boel_Photo Jim_press.jpg

"Golden Choice" 2015, Acrylic and Chinese Inks, Gold Leaf on Chinese Paper, 144cm x 77cm

DATES :12 November — 12 December 2015


Espace 75

Galerie Francis Noël

75 Rue du Plan Incline

4000 Liege (Guillemins), Belgium

+32(0)475 89 14 08

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