Maison Armand Jonckers- Paris-Brussels


The House of Armand Jonckers is exhibiting this autumn, between Paris and Brussels. A unique chance to (re)discover the history of the House, its creator and its lineage…

Through solid expertise and a recognisable identity, the House of Armand Jonckers conceives exclusive works, bringing together refined metals, precious minerals, coloured resins and distorted objects, to suggest a poetic universe in a constant state of renewal. These works involve a kind of alchemy: the search for a point of balance between the original raw material and the human touch.


The characteristic engravings of Armand Jonckers’ creations form part of a process related to etching, but border on a primitive aesthetic. Armand Jonckers’ creations are diverse but exclusive; the House only produces one-off pieces, designed and crafted by hand. One Name, Three Designers… Two generations determine the artistic direction of the House of Armand Jonckers, through a constant balance between identifiable aesthetic codes and a dynamic of renewed creation. 

© Armand Jonckers

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